Where are we heading today?

Rolla is a new way to travel the city.

We Need a New Kind of Transit

Mass-transit is no longer safe. Ubers congest cities, and scooters are a mess. We need to combine a broad-society solution with a compact, clean, and personal service.

Urban Integration

Rolla just fits in, providing convenience and efficiency without massive investments or succumbing to urban blight.

Recognizable Anywhere

Dynamic light piping outlines the iconic Rolla shape, while emotive head and rear lights communicate its behavior

Immersive Experience

The full wrap interior displays your route, while serving the immersive Rolla experience

Adaptable Function

The multi-functional display provides potential for personalized and sponsored experiences

Fixed Routes

Easily hop on and off a passing Rolla traveling on a fixed route

On Demand

Or make your own route by calling one on the Rolla app

Always Clean

Rollas are COVID safe by going through daily UV disinfecting

Fixed Routes

Hail a passing Rolla travelling on a fixed route and easily hop on and off.

On Demand

Or make your own route by calling a personal ride on the Rolla App.

Always Clean

The small size and open structure allow for effective and automated daily disinfection for comfortable, safe, and healthy ride.